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January 29, 2024

Axioms for the Category of Finite-Dimensional Hilbert Spaces and Linear Contractions

Posted by Tom Leinster

Guest post by Matthew di Meglio

Recently, my PhD supervisor Chris Heunen and I uploaded a preprint to arXiv giving an axiomatic characterisation of the category FCon\mathbf{FCon} of finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces and linear contractions. I thought it might be nice to explain here in a less formal setting the story of how this article came to be, including some of the motivation, ideas, and challenges.

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January 24, 2024

Summer Research at the Topos Institute

Posted by John Baez

Are you a student wanting to get paid to work on category theory in Berkeley? Then you’ve got just one week left to apply! The application deadline for Research Associate positions at the Topos Institute is February 1st.

Details and instructions on how to apply are here:

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