Instiki sports a logo, drawn in SVG.

If you want to suppress the logo on your wiki, add the line

 #svg_logo {display: none}

to your stylesheet tweaks.

Alternatively, you might want to replace the logo by a (48x52) picture of your own choosing. Upload the picture (“my_logo.gif”) to your wiki, and add the lines

 #svg_logo { background: url(/my_wiki/files/my_logo.gif) }
 #svg_logo svg { visibility: hidden }

to your stylesheet tweaks.

About the Logo

The logo was inspired by my 8 year old son (and loyal Instiki user)‘s Science Fair project.

A quasi-two-dimensional droplet of ferrofluid, when subjected to a perpendicular magnetic field, forms labyrinthine patterns like the one depicted. The effect is a competition between magnetic energy (which makes the fluid want to spread out) and surface tension (which wants to make the droplet circular).

The image was auto-traced, in Adobe Illustrator, from a photograph my son took of a droplet of ferrofluid squished between two glass plates.