Hosted Services


  • Sign up for an account at Heroku.
  • Install the Heroku commandline tools
  • Then do a
    heroku login -i
    git clone
    cd instiki
    heroku create [APPNAME]
    mv Gemfile Gemfile.orig
    git mv Gemfile.heroku Gemfile
    git mv Gemfile.lock.heroku Gemfile.lock
    git commit -m "Setup for heroku"
    git push heroku master
    heroku config:set RAILS_ENV=production
    heroku run rake db:migrate
  • Open https://[APPNAME] and configure your Instiki wiki.

Updating just requires a

git pull
git push heroku master

If you go this route, you can also follow the instructions for deploying the tex2svg server to Heroku.


Running Instiki on Dreamhost is quite easy, since Dreamhost supports Ruby-on-Rails via Passenger (mod_rails).

  • Create a new fully hosted domain (we’ll call it on Dreamhost.
  • Check the “Ruby on Rails Passenger (mod_rails)” box. Under “Specify your web directory” enter “

This will create the folder in the user’s home directory. Login to your shell account and do the following:

tar --strip-components 1 -xzf instiki-svn.tar.gz
ruby bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Open in your browser and set up the wiki.