Hosted Services


  • Sign up for an account at Heroku.
  • Install the Heroku commandline tools
  • Then do a
    heroku login -i
    git clone
    cd instiki
    heroku create [APPNAME]
    mv Gemfile Gemfile.orig
    git mv Gemfile.heroku Gemfile
    git mv Gemfile.lock.heroku Gemfile.lock
    git mv public/svg-edit/editor/jgraduate/css/jgraduate.css public/svg-edit/editor/jgraduate/css/jGraduate.css
    git commit -m "Setup for heroku"
    git push heroku master
    heroku config:set RAILS_ENV=production
    heroku run rake db:schema:load
    heroku run rake db:migrate
  • Open https://[APPNAME] and configure your Instiki wiki.

Updating just requires a

git pull
git push heroku master

and (if necessitated by a schema update)

heroku run rake db:migrate

If you go this route, you can also follow the instructions for deploying the tex2svg server to Heroku.


Running Instiki on Dreamhost is quite easy, since Dreamhost supports Ruby-on-Rails via Passenger (mod_rails).

  • Create a new fully hosted domain (we’ll call it on Dreamhost.
  • Check the “Ruby on Rails Passenger (mod_rails)” box. Under “Specify your web directory” enter “

This will create the folder in the user’s home directory. Login to your shell account and do the following:

tar --strip-components 1 -xzf instiki-svn.tar.gz
ruby bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Open in your browser and set up the wiki.