Most browsers support navigation using keyboard shortcuts called AccessKeys, defined by the website you’re visiting.

  • On Windows, you can press ALT + an AccessKey.
  • On a Macintosh, you can press CONTROL + an AccessKey.
  • The Opera browser takes a different approach: you press Shift+ESC and then the AccessKey.
  • Using Firefox under GNOME, I use ALT + SHIFT + AccessKey.

Please note that in Internet Explorer for Windows, if the AccessKey refers to another page, pressing ALT + an AccessKey will only shift focus to the link. You must then press Return to follow the link. In Windows, ALT + some key is also used for menu shortcuts.

The following AccessKeys are defined in Instiki

  • ALT-E: edit the current page
  • ALT-U: go to Recently Revised (mnemonic: “updates”)
  • ALT-H: go to Home Page
  • ALT-A: go to All Pages
  • ALT-S: save the current page
  • ALT-C: show or hide changes; cancel editing the current page
  • ALT-B: back in time (previous revision)
  • ALT-F: forward in time (next revision)
  • ALT-X: export the wiki
  • ALT-W: edit web