Commandline Options



will start up Instiki, using the thin webserver, and by default will listen on Port 2500.

Instiki will run in the foreground, and will quit when you type Cntrl-C.

If you want Instiki to run in the background, type

 ./instiki --daemon

There are several commandline flags that may be of interest.

-d, --daemon
Make Instiki run as a Daemon.
-p, --port=port
Runs Instiki on the specified port.
Default is to run on port 2500.
-b, --binding=ip
Binds Instiki to the specified ip address.
Default is (listen on all addresses).
-c, --config=file
Use custom rackup configuration file (experts only).
-u, --debugger
Enable ruby-debugging for the server.
-e, --environment=name
Specifies the environment to run this server under (test/development/production).
Default: production
-P, --path=/path
Runs Instiki mounted at a specific path.
Default: /
-h, --help
Show a help message, listing the available commands.