Edit Web

At the bottom of the HomePage of each Instiki Web is an Edit This Web link to the configuration page. Following this link gets you to a page where you can configure various options for that Web, or to create a new one.

You’ll need to enter the Instiki system password (which you chose when you initially set up Instiki) for any of these changes to take effect.

Name and address

  • Here’s where you can configure the name of the Web, and the path component of the URL under which it will appear. A name “My Wonderful Wiki” will generate URLs of the form /mywonderfulwiki/show/Homepage.


  • Markup

    Here’s where you can choose the flavour of markup for the Web. Currently, only Markdown, Markdown with itex2MML and Markdown with BlahTeX/PNG are supported. Don’t bother trying the others.

  • Color

    You can change the colour scheme of the Web. For more advanced tweaking of the appearance, you can customize the CSS below.

Specialization II

  • Safe mode

    • Strip HTML tags and stylesheet options from the content of all pages.

      Probably unnecessary, since we have a very good HTML sanitizer in operation.

  • Brackets only

    • require all wiki words to be entered as [[wiki word]]. CamelCased “WikiWord” links won’t be created.

      I prefer to check this option. See the Syntax page for more details.

  • Count pages

    • produces a count of pages and of the number of words/page.

      For those obsessed with statistics.

  • Allow uploads of no more than XXX kbytes

    Here’s where you can limit the size of File Uploads, or disable them entirely.

Stylesheet tweaks

  • Here’s where you can add CSS styling rules to customize the appearance of this Web.

Password protection

  • Visitors are required to enter this password in order to access this Web. Setting the password to blank will remove the password protection.

Publish this Web

  • You can turn on a read-only version of a password-protected Web, allowing visitors to read, but not edit its pages. This published version is accessible through URLs like /mywonderfulwiki/published/HomePage or /mywonderfulwiki/s5/My+Slide+Show (for S5 Slideshows).

Enter System Password

  • Below this is where you enter the Instiki system password and submit the form to make the changes above.
  • Alternatively, you can click on “create a new web,” which takes you to an interface to create a new Instiki Web, under the same installation.

Other Administrative Tasks

Finally, at the bottom of the page:

  • You can manage (list and/or delete) files which have been uploaded to this web.
  • You can delete “orphaned pages” (pages with no WikiLinks to them).
  • If you have Categories defined on your web, you can delete the “orphaned pages” in a particular category.
  • Or you can delete the entire web, along with all its pages and uploaded files. (Caution!)