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November 22, 2005


Austin, as I’ve said, is WiFi heaven. But, then there are the times when you’re just plain out of range.

Last weekend, on the train from Seattle to Eugene I needed to access the 'Net. Amtrak, alas, has not added WiFi service to Business Class, but, fortunately, cell phone service works quite well. So I plugged the Bluetooth dongle into my iBook, and connected, wirelessly via cell phone to the UT dialup service. It was only 9600 baud, but we were on a train, after all.

Tonight, I found myself with 20 minutes to kill, waiting for my daughter’s rehearsal to finish at the Zach Scott Theater. Not really enough time to make a trip to the Schlotzky’s Deli down the street (with its free WiFi) worthwhile. So I pulled out my laptop, fired up the old Bluetooth and caught up on my email … right there in the parking lot.

Posted by distler at November 22, 2005 2:42 AM

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Re: Wireless

I use PDAnet to turn my treo cellphone into a wireless modem. This really rocks when you need to send an email or download a paper from the arxiv, and your stuck, for example, at one of those silly airport that doesn’t have wireless.

Posted by: Dave Bacon on November 22, 2005 12:55 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Wireless

Yeah, I’m sure all the cool people have been doing this for a while, with their fancy Treo/Blackberry/… and their CDMA data/GPRS service.

I’m using an ordinary cell phone (a Sony-Ericsson T610) and regular voice service (so no high-speed connection). The bluetooth modem capability is built into MacOSX. On the other hand, I only recently figured out how to use it.

Posted by: Jacques Distler on November 22, 2005 7:52 PM | Permalink | PGP Sig | Reply to this

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