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December 19, 2011

Vivian Distler 1965-2011

Vivian Distler, in Dec 2009

More here, here and, yes, here.

Posted by distler at December 19, 2011 4:55 PM

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Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

Really sorry to hear that. My condolences.

Posted by: Sean Carroll on December 20, 2011 5:29 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s passing.

Posted by: Robert McNees on December 22, 2011 6:39 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

Terribly sorry to hear that, Jacques. Sincere condolences.

Posted by: Evan Goer on January 3, 2012 12:05 AM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

Jacques and Suzanne, please accept my deepest sympathy over Viv’s passing. I tried to contact her to wish her a happy Hanukkah in Dec. and was dismayed to find her cell phone was disconnected. I should have followed up then. Viv was my housemate in SLC in the year between Berkeley and the NV clerkship. I think you remember that I joined her at your house for Passover that year. We had kept in contact over the years, and she visited me Jan. 2011 to attend the Sundance Film Festival, an activity we enjoyed immensely the year she lived in SLC. I’m just so sorry to find that she has passed away after having fought so valiantly. I know how much she adored you and her niece and nephew. My heart hurts to know they won’t have her in their life. My best wishes to you.

Posted by: Cindy Dahle on March 22, 2012 9:07 AM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

Dear Cindy,

We tried to contact you, but the contact information we had seems to have been out of date. Please email me (my email address is easy enough to find), so that we can reconnect.


Posted by: Jacques Distler on March 22, 2012 9:47 AM | Permalink | PGP Sig | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

I’m shocked and saddened to learn of Vivian’s passing. She was an intern with us at NBC in Boston in the mid 1980s. She was smart, hard working, and obviously incredibly smart. Someone you don’t forget. We kept in touch sporadically over the years; I realized today that I hadn’t heard from her in far too long and now I know why… 46 years old… As Calvin used to say to Hobbes, “What a stupid world.”

I’m so sorry for your loss - and for the loss to us all.

-Mike Chapman

Posted by: Mike Chapman on June 6, 2012 5:54 AM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

I see that my original post mentioned that Vivian was smart…twice. More truth than mistake. I still can’t believe she’s gone. Just not right.

Godspeed, Viv - we’ll always remember.

Posted by: Mike Chapman on December 6, 2012 1:08 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

Re: Vivian Distler 1965-2011

Vivien and I connected in 2010 and shared information regarding my father David Bernstein from boryslav which was in Poland but now is in the Ukraine …..they were related by marriage and my mother often wrote too Miriam and Arnold . When my parents died I went to visit Miriam and Arnold in rosé dale Montreal . I found vivien on Facebook and we communicated and suddenly I never heard another word and I just presumed our busy lives intervened….she was due to send me some information and now I know why I never heard and I am so so sorry for your loss and so so saddened that we never talked more….. I am speechless.
Love to you I heard lots about you from your mother
Anne Ross nee Bernstein

Posted by: Anne Ross on June 13, 2013 1:40 PM | Permalink | Reply to this

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