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June 6, 2004

Hot Tech

Camelbak FlashFlo Hydration System

It’s June and summer has arrived in Austin. This week, we saw a couple of 40 ℃ days. And there will be many more 38+ ℃ days before the weather gets nice again at the end of September.

Yesterday, when I embarked on my customary weekend 10.1 mile run (Mopac to the Longhorns Dam) on Town Lake1, I had a new high-tech gadget, to accompany the heart monitor and the iPod: a Camelbak FlashFlo. The new gadget was purchased at S’s insistence, out of fear, I suppose, that I will keel over in the middle of one of my workouts2. It may have been “only” 34 ℃, but I must say that sipping cold water, while listening to Eric Dolphy made the run much more pleasant.

Mopac to Longhorns Dam
Mopac (“A”) to Longhorns Dam (“F”) running trail on Town Lake.
(Mopac to 1st St. (“C”) is also indicated.)

The trick with the Camelbak seems to be to fill with water, and stick the whole contraption in the freezer. Just remember to take it out far enough in advance, so that it’s half-defrosted by the time you hit the trail.

Summer in Austin may be tough, but now I’m ready.

1 During the week, I do the 4.1 mile Mopac to 1st Street loop, with 10 lb handweights.

2Whatever else you might say, it’s still a heckuva lot easier than my old workout.

Posted by distler at June 6, 2004 3:01 PM

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Re: Hot Tech

Hey Jacques,

I had no idea that you were an Eric Dolphy fan. If you don’t already have this album, I’d like to recommend “Live! At The Five Spot”. Except, now that I look at what’s available on the iTunes music store I realize that my copy of that album (which must, in fact, be an import) is actually made up of tracks from two different American releases: “Live! At the Five Spot, Vol.1” and “Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 2”.

Anyway, put them together and they’re one of my favorite Eric Dolphy albums.

Here’s the iTunes urls: Live! At the Five Spot, Vol.1 and Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 2.

Posted by: Bob McNees on June 9, 2004 11:52 PM | Permalink | Reply to this
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