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March 12, 2004

No More Sore Thumb

I couldn’t stand the trailing

[OpenPGP Signature]

on PGP-signed comments any longer. Visually, it looked bad. And it was a markup-eyesore too, glommed onto the end of the Comment-Body, with just a few <br />s to set it off from the text of the comment.

So I fixed the CGI code to do it right. Much less visually jarring, and perfectly semantic XHTML. (OK, … 5 points off for using the phrase “semantic XHTML”; really, I’m not that sort of guy.)

I am also less than happy with the CGI code which generates the comment verification. It spits out perfectly acceptable XHTML; I’d just prefer the markup to be controlled by the templates, rather than by the CGI code. Much more flexible. If I get the energy, I’ll fix that too, and send my changes on to Srijith.

Update (3/30/2004): OpenPGPComment 1.5 incorporates this fix.

Posted by distler at March 12, 2004 8:59 PM

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