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January 4, 2004

:hover Craft

The brilliant Peter Nederlof has found a JScript hack to enable CSS :hover behaviour on arbitrary elements in IE/Win.

Since I’m generally in favour of crufty hacks for crufty browsers, I’ve implemented his solution here at Musings. It took a bit of rejiggering of my CSS code to avoid the use of child selectors (>), which IE still does not understand. With a bit of IE DOM manipulation,

window.onload = function(){
        if (navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
       = 'url(\"/\")';

I can even do it with a CSS stylesheet that still validates.

In plain English, that means that my sidebar now works in IE/Win, and the user-experience now more closely approximates that of a Standards-Compliant browser. Let me know if you find any problems. I don’t promise to fix them, but you never know …

[ Tip 'o the hat to Anne van Kesteren.]

Posted by distler at January 4, 2004 4:03 PM

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