Geometry and String Theory
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This is the homepage for the UT Geometry and String Theory Seminar. At the organizational meeting we will flesh out the details of our plans for the semester. Below are some suggestions to get us started.

Spring 2015 Schedule

1/21Organizational Meeting
1/28Tudor DimofteA three-dimensional bridge between physics and mathematics
2/4Jacques DistlerSuper Riemann Surfaces
2/11Jacques DistlerSuper Riemann Surfaces, II
2/18Bei JiaSuperstring Perturbation Theory
2/25Harold WilliamsCY3 categories associated to SL_2 Hitchin systems
3/4Andrew NeitzkeChern-Simons and abelianization
3/11Dan XieTopology of RG and Morse theory
3/25Fei YanElliptic genera of 2d N=2 gauge theories (1308.4896)
4/1Andy TrimmElliptic genus of E-strings (1411.2324)
4/8 Tom Yinan Mainiero Zhu + Richard Hughes6d SCFT
4/15Tom Mainiero + Richard Hughes
4/22 Andrew Tom Neitzke Mainiero + Harold Richard Williams Hughes
4/29Andrew Neitzke + Harold Williams
5/6Andrew Neitzke + Harold Williams


The (2,0) theory reduced to 3 dimensions

4D đť’©=2\mathcal{N}=2

Extended operators in topological field theory

Generalities on field theory

Resurgence, TQFTs

(1,0)(1,0) SCFTs in 6 Dimensions

Costello-style QFT


Old classics

  • E. Witten, Supersymmetry and Morse theory

  • Mirzakhani on Witten conjecture