Geometry and String Theory
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This is the homepage for the UT Geometry and String Theory Seminar. At the organizational meeting we will flesh out the details of our plans for the semester. Below are some suggestions to get us started.

Fall 2017 Schedule

8/30Organizational Meeting
9/6Introduction + Komargodski video (pt 1)
9/13Komargodski video (pt 2)
9/20Ivan Tullianomalies, part 1
9/27Sebastian Schulzanomalies, part 2
10/4Sebastian Schulzanomalies, part 4
10/11Arun Debrayanomalies in discrete symmetries
10/18Arun Debrayanomalies in discrete symmetries, 2
10/25Fei YanGeneralized Global Symmetries, Part I
11/1Philip Argyres
11/8Fei & RaviGeneralized Global Symmetries, Part II
11/15Ravi MohanGeneralized Global Symmetries, Part III
11/29Clay Cordova
12/6Ali ShehperComments on global symmetries, anomalies and dualities in (2+1) dimensions


Spring 2018 Schedule

1/17Organizational Meeting and Discussion
1/24Val ZakharevichComments on global symmetries, anomalies, and duality
1/31Dan FreedOn gauging finite subgroups
2/7Andy NeitzkeTheta, time reversal, and temperature I
2/14 Fei Andy Yan NeitzkeTheta, time reversal, and temperature II
2/21 Arun Fei Debray Yan 2-groups Theta, time reversal, and temperature III
2/28 Mario Arun Marone Debray Time-reversal 2-groups breaking inQCD 4\mathrm{QCD}_4 I
3/7Jacques Distler Time-reversal Phases breaking of inQCD 4\mathrm{QCD}_4 , II I
3/21Chris BeemTBA
3/28Mario MartonePhases of QCD 4\mathrm{QCD}_4, II



(Higher) Symmetries, Anomaly-Matching and Phases of QCD

Mathematics Papers on 2-Groups