Geometry and String Theory

This is the homepage for the UT Geometry and String Theory Seminar. At the organizational meeting we will flesh out the details of our plans for the semester. Below are some suggestions to get us started.

Fall 2019 Schedule

8/28Organizational Meeting
9/4Dan FreedFMS
9/11Sutapa SamantaTwo new moonshines and two new Lie algebras
9/18Jacques DistlerIIB and 6D CFTs (I)
9/25ShehperIIB and 6D CFTs (II)
10/2Arun DebrayGSO projections via SPT phases
10/16Ivan TulliNotes on entanglement properties of Field Theories - Witten
10/23Sebastian SchulzNotes on entanglement properties of Field Theories - Witten
10/30Andrew PotterFractons (I)
11/6Andrew PotterFractons (II)
11/13Madalena Lemos
11/20Ricky WedeenYang-Mills for Probabilists
12/4Charlie ReidYang-Mills for Probabilists

Spring 2020 Schedule

1/22Organizational Meeting
1/29Jacques DistlerWhat is a scattering amplitude?
2/5Jacques DistlerAnalyticity properties of scattering amplitudes
2/12Ali ShehperMulti-cut methods in scattering amplitudes
2/19Ivan TulliTwistors, momentum twistors and Yangian Symmetry
2/26Grant ElliotTwistors, momentum twistors and Yangian Symmetry Part 2
3/4Charlie ReidPositroid Stratification of the Positive Grassmannian
3/11Charlie Reid and Ivan TulliThe Positive Grassmannian Pt 2/ Towards the Amplituhedron
3/25Grant ElliotThe Yangian
4/8Mario MartoneHigher-loops
4/22Behzat ErgunThe amplituhedron


Old References

Brave New Vertex Algebras

Gauge Theory and Integrable Systems

Miscellaneous Papers

(Higher) Symmetries, Anomaly-Matching and Phases of QCD

Mathematics Papers on 2-Groups