Geometry and String Theory
Fall 2016

This is the homepage for the UT Geometry and String Theory Seminar. At the organizational meeting we will flesh out the details of our plans for the semester. Below are some suggestions to get us started.

Fall 2016 Schedule

8/24Organizational Meeting
8/31FreedField Theory, Symmetries, and Representations of Bordism
9/7FreedDeformation classes of invertible field theories
9/14BeiTopological Phases of Matter
9/21BeiTopological Phases of Matter
10/5SimpsonSpectral networks and harmonic maps
10/19NeitzkeGeneralized Global Symmetries
10/26Ben ZviCostello I
11/2Ben ZviCostello II
11/9ValGapped Boundary Phases I
11/16ValGapped Boundary Phases II
11/30JacquesSeiberg, Senthil, Wang, Witten


Integrable Lattice Models and 4D “Chern-Simons”

Topological Phases of Matter

Symmetry and Anomalies in QFT