Geometry and String Theory
Fall 2015

This is the homepage for the UT Geometry and String Theory Seminar. At the organizational meeting we will flesh out the details of our plans for the semester. Below are some suggestions to get us started.

Fall 2015 Schedule

8/26Organizational Meeting
9/2Valentin ZakharevichKitaev’s Toric Code
9/9Behzat Ergun, Daniel AllcockIntro to CFT I
9/16David Simmons-DuffinTBA
9/30Behzat Ergun, Daniel AllcockIntro to CFT II
10/7David Ben ZviUnitary Irreps of the Conformal Algebra
10/14Dan FreedInvariants of Dirac Operators
10/21Sam GunninghamFermions and Topological Phases (Witten)
10/28Michele Del ZottoTBA
11/4Andy NeitzkeUnitary Irreps of the Superconformal Algebra
11/11Fei YanThe Superconformal Index
11/18Jacques DistlerTrace Anomalies and 6D SCFT
12/2Lorenzo SadunInteger Quantum Hall Effect


Conformal Field Theory Generalities

Unitary Representations of the (super)Conformal Algebra

Crossing Symmetry and Conformal Blocks

The (super)Conformal Bootstrap

The Superconformal Index

Uniqueness of the 6D (2,0) Theories, the a-Theorem and Anomalies

(1,0)(1,0) SCFTs in 6 Dimensions

Books and Survey Papers: Topological Insulators and Superconductors

Kitaev’s Toric Code

Classification of Invertible Topological Phases

Generalized Global Symmetries

Topological Band Theory

Integer Quantum Hall Effect

Fractional Quantum Hall Effect