Geometry and String Theory
Fall 2010

Fall 2010 Schedule

8/25The OrganizersOrganizational Meeting
9/1Jacques“Tinkertoys” for N=2N=2 theories
9/8OscarScattering amplitudes in N=4N=4 SYM
9/15AswinHirota equations and Quantum Integrable Systems
9/22Wilberth2D TFT
9/29Fernando Rodriguez VillegasThe dilogarithm function
10/6Jacob BourjailyThe All-Loop S-Matrix of N=4N=4 SYM (instructions included)
10/13Tim PerutzKhovanov’s link homology theory
10/20AndyFrobenius manifolds
10/27NOBODYNo talk this week
11/3NOBODYNo talk this week
11/10Anindya DeyLocalization and 3D Mirror Symmetry
11/17Anindya DeyLocalization and 3D Mirror Symmetry, continued
12/1Dan FreedQuantization and complexification


Gaiotto Duality

Super Yang-Mills Amplitudes

Pestun Localization in 4 and 3 dimensions

TBA, CFT, Y-system, dilog identities, Hirota Equations

2-dimensional topological field theory

Renormalization of Yang-Mills

Volume conjecture for hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Quantization and complexification