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June 22, 2006

Kapranov and Getzler on Higher Stuff

Posted by Urs Schreiber

Last year there was the Streetfest, a big conference on categories and their application in mathematical physics and string theory.

I couldn’t go because I was busy finishing my thesis, but Marni Sheppeard, David Roberts and John Baez had been so kind to report here at the Coffee Table about some of the talks (\to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to, \to).

Now, David Roberts was so kind to scan in notes that Marni Sheppeard had taken in two of the most interesting talks (\to). Here they are. Many thanks indeed to both Marni and David!

Ezra Getzler
Lie Theory for L L_\infty algebras
(pdf with lecture notes by Marni Sheppeard)

This is on integration of L L_\infty algebras with comments on applications to TCFT (\to).

For more details see the paper

Ezra Getzler
Lie theory for nilpotent L-infinity algebras

Mikhail Kapranov
Noncommutative Fourier Transform
(pdf with lecture notes by Marni Sheppeard)

This starts, as the name suggests, with a study of a noncommutative version of Fourier transformations and then moves on to a discussion of parallel transport of strings and membranes.

I am glad to finally see these notes, because (as far as I am aware) there is nothing in print on this.

Alas, I am once again too busy to look at this right now. This entry just serves the purpose of reminding me later to look at this stuff.

Posted at June 22, 2006 9:20 PM UTC

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Le Bruyn on Kapranov

here is another manual trackback:

Prof. Le Bruyn gives links to video recordings of lectures by Kapranov on the above material over on his blog in the entry

noncommutative Fourier transform

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