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March 22, 2006

Stevenson, Henriques on String(n)

Posted by Urs Schreiber

I am on vacation, and not supposed to be hanging around on the web. But here are two nice links.

Daniel Stevenson has written up some informal notes concerning the String(n)-2-group and the String-gerbe: pdf.

(Disclaimer: Please note that some constant in some cocycle equation in this text might need correction.)

André Henriques has turned his notes on integrating Lie n-algebras and how the String group arises as the integration of the String Lie 2-algebra into a paper:

André Henriques
Integrating L-infinity algebras


Given an n-term L algebra L, we construct a Kan simplicial manifold which we think of as the ‘Lie n-group’ integrating L. This extends work of Getzler math.AT/0404003 . In the case of an ordinary Lie algebra, our construction gives the simplicial classifying space of the corresponding simply connect Lie group. In the case of the string Lie 2-algebra of Baez and Crans, this recovers the model of the string group introduced in math.QA/0504123.

Posted at March 22, 2006 10:53 AM UTC

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