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October 4, 2006

λ-Calculus in Paris

Posted by John Baez

Since I’m getting into the λ-calculus and I’ll be visiting Paul-André Melliès of the Proofs, Programs and Systems group at CNRS next July, I’m tempted to go a bit early and attend this:

At least I hope someone reading this attends and reports back to us!

More information follows…

Preliminary Call for Papers -

Eighth International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications (TLCA ‘07)

Paris, June 26-28, 2007

Part of Rewriting, Deduction and Programming ‘07

The TLCA series of conferences serves as a forum for presenting original research results that are broadly relevant to the theory and applications of typed calculi. The following list of topics is non-exhaustive:

  • Proof-theory: Natural deduction and sequent calculi, cut elimination and normalisation, linear logic and proof nets, type-theoretic aspects of computational complexity
  • Semantics: Denotational semantics, game semantics, realisability, categorical models
  • Implementation: Abstract machines, parallel execution, optimal reduction, type systems for program optimisation
  • Types: Subtypes, dependent types, type inference, polymorphism, types in theorem proving
  • Programming: Foundational aspects of functional and object-oriented programming, proof search and logic programming,connections between and combinations of functional and logic programming, type checking
Posted at October 4, 2006 7:49 PM UTC

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guest account

At least I hope someone reading this attends and reports back to us!

We should maybe announce that we do have a guest account here at the Café, intended for people apart from John, David and myself, who happen to feel like blogging about something of nn-Café-interest.

For instance in the String Coffee Table days, we had guest bloggers reporting from the Streetfest.

Recently, we had here a nice report from AustMS 2006.

So if anyone feels like reporting here on some talk he or she has heard at some conference, or things like that, please feel free to contact us.

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