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March 11, 2007

BZR Feeds

Since my last post, I’ve gone on to make a number of bugfixes and minor feature-additions to my branch of Instiki. The main changes are listed below the fold.

But, thanks to Morten Frederiksen, there is now an easier way to keep track of develoments in itex2MML and Instiki. The corresponding BZR repositories now have atom feeds (itexToMML, Instiki).

Anyway, here’s what’s new in Instiki:

  • S5 views are now visible on a published (password protected) Web. (See this example — click on the “S5” link) [From Jason Blevins]
  • Methods in WikiReferences now restrict themselves (properly) to the current Web. [From Jason Blevins]
  • File uploads now work.
  • Security: ensure file upload directory is not world-writable.
  • Enabled file-system-based caching. (Should be more scalable than the in-memory caching.)
  • Security: ensure that the file-system cache is not world-writable (a security flaw in Rails).
  • Category list and recently_revised views now work properly.
  • Cache “S5”, “TeX” and “Print” views.
  • Deal correctly with clients that don’t send an HTTP_ACCEPT header.
  • Ensure that input is bona fide utf-8.
  • Other well-formedness and XHTML validity issues.
  • Improvements to the S5 code.
  • Maruku bugfixes. [From Andrea Censi]
  • Minor improvements from the Instiki SVN trunk.
Posted by distler at March 11, 2007 11:41 PM

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