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November 8, 2003

… Because It Feels So Good When I Stop

Yesterday morning, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade Golem to Panther.

Things were going fairly swimmingly. The installation takes a long time (it’s 4 CD’s), but that just gave me plenty of time to implement the fixes I’d previously explored in upgrading my iBook.

I was optimistic I’d be done by noon … until I discovered that I couldn’t send mail. Cranking the LogLevel up to 13, I discovered that SMTP-AUTH support was broken somehow.

Sendmail seemed to be trying to access the wrong database file:

Nov  7 22:46:16 localhost sm-mta[9031]: error: safesasl(/etc/sasldb.dir) failed: No such file or directory

— the actual one is named sasldb.db — and I wasn’t getting any allowed authentication methods

Nov  7 22:46:20 localhost sm-mta[9052]: AUTH warning: no mechanisms

I tried everything: rebuilding the SASL database, recompiling the SASL libraries (CyrusSASL version 1.5.17), recompiling sendmail, … I tried using the SASLv2 package from Fink (this latter had a nasty tendency to coredump). Nothing seemed to work.

Eventually, I tried installing Berkeley DB 4.1.25 from SleepyCat Software and recompiling both sendmail and CyrusSASL to link against it.

That managed to get rid of the first error message. But still no Authentication Methods. Finally, I downloaded CyrusSASL 1.5.28, compiled and installed it. Recompiled and reinstalled sendmail, yet again and … it worked!

After 24 hours of tearing my hair out, mail was working again!

Other than that, the upgrade seems to have gone OK.

Let’s see how MySQL is working shall we?

Posted by distler at November 8, 2003 2:44 PM

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