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August 20, 2003

Fit to Print

Since Anne got me to thinking again about such matters, I created an aural stylesheet for this blog and — while I was at it — a print stylesheet as well. The former, I don’t have a good way of testing (at least it validates and has legal attribute values, unlike some others). The latter works great in Mozilla and OmniWeb 4.5 (which uses the same WebCore rendering engine as Safari), but screws up horribly in Safari: all the printed font-sizes are way too large.

Alas, Dave Hyatt is probably too busy defending himself against big machers complaining that Safari “misrenders” crapola invalid CSS (styling crapola invalid HTML) to turn his attention to actual bugs in Safari.


Update: I 'spose I should try installing EmacsSpeak on one of our Linux boxes to test out that aural stylesheet. It’s free — as in speech and beer — and actually supports all this newfangled (i.e. 5 year old) W3C technology. Maybe I’ll get around to that someday …

Posted by distler at August 20, 2003 1:38 AM

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