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January 10, 2003

Popup Feeds

I didn’t like the “RSS Feeds” at the bottom of the Sidebar. Too ugly. So I got rid of them, in favour of something much, much nicer. Move your mouse over the “Links” section in the Sidebar, and you’ll see what I mean.

Or, at least, you will if you are using a Gecko-based browser, like Mozilla. From the sounds of it, KHTML-based browsers like Safari will support this part of the CSS2 Specification real soon now too.

My apologies to those (you know who you are) whose browsers aren’t Standards-Compliant.

P.S.: OK, OK. I suppose this could be done using Javascript. If anyone has a simple (no browser sniffing!) suggestion for how to do this, I’d be happy to entertain it. But it’s hard to beat 10 lines of CSS code styling nested <ul>’s (the latter generated using the mt-rssfeed plugin) for simplicity. Thanks to Eric Meyer for showing the way.

Posted by distler at January 10, 2003 2:06 PM

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