Rules and Spaces

\rule and \space

Note: click with the right mouse button on any WebEQ equation to bring up a font size control panel.

The three arguments of \rule and \space are {ht}{dp}{wd}

ht: height of the top of the box above the baseline
dp: depth of the bottom of the box below the baseline
wd: width of the box

[1][0][1] = \floatleft| \rule{1}{0}{1} \floatright| \quad
[2][0][1] = \floatleft| \rule{2}{0}{1} \floatright| \quad
[1][5][1] = \floatleft| \rule{1}{5}{1} \floatright|

 [1][0][1] = \floatleft| \space{1}{0}{1} \floatright| \quad
 [2][0][1] = \floatleft| \space{2}{0}{1} \floatright| \quad
 [0][5][1] = \floatleft| \space{0}{5}{1} \floatright|

[1][0][1] = \floatleft| \rule{1}{0}{1} \floatright| \quad
[2][0][3] = \floatleft| \rule{2}{0}{3} \floatright| \quad
[1][5][5] = \floatleft| \rule{1}{5}{5} \floatright|

[1][0][1] = \floatleft| \space{1}{0}{1} \floatright| \quad
[2][0][3] = \floatleft| \space{2}{0}{3} \floatright| \quad
[0][5][5] = \floatleft| \space{0}{5}{5} \floatright|

More information on these commands may be found in Spaces and Rules: Arbitrary size spaces and rules of the WebTeX documentation.

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