Adjusting Symbol Colors


Note: click with the right mouse button on any WebEQ equation to bring up a font size control panel.

In the argument of \fontcolor, #rrggbb is a hexadecimal number. The two digits rr represent the brightness of red, from 00 (black) to ff (bright red). The remaining digits gg and bb control the brightness of green and blue, respectively.

\fontcolor{#ff0000}{R} + \fontcolor{#00ff00}{G} +
\fontcolor{#0000ff}{B} = \fontcolor{#999999}{W^t} ;
\fontcolor{#990000}{R} + \fontcolor{#009900}{G}+
\fontcolor{#000099}{B} = \fontcolor{#444444}{W^t}
More information on these commands may be found in Browser Actions: Colorful symbols of the WebTeX documentation.

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