Browser Cruft

If you’ve been using an older version of any of the Mozilla family of browsers, you probably followed my advice and performed various tweaks to improve the MathML experience in those browsers. It’s time to undo those tweaks.

  • If you set a

    user_pref(“font.mathfont-family”, “…”);

    in your user.js file, edit the file and delete that line. Fire up your browser, and type about:config in the URL bar. Type mathfont into the filter box, and check that the preference has reverted to its (new) default value

Preference Name      Status  Type   Value
font.mathfont-family default string MathJax_Main, STIXNonUnicode, STIXSizeOneSym, STIXSize1, STIXGeneral, Asana Math, Symbol, DejaVu Sans, Cambria Math

  • Remove the Code 2000 and Code 2001 Fonts, which you may have installed. In rare circumstances, your browser may use glyphs from those fonts instead of the desired ones from the Stix Fonts family.

  • Install the STIX Fonts.

For more information on fonts for MathML, see Fonts for MathML-enabled Mozilla page.