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July 4, 2004

From Paris to Karlstad (via Bonn)

Posted by urs

These days you can see me with dark rings under my eyes, murmering to myself while struggling to keep myself upright - well, almost at least.

I had to hurry home from Strings 04 at Paris on Thursday in order to tutor a class Friday morning here in Essen and to prepare for the things to come. In a couple of minutes I take a train to Bonn, where tomorrow I give a talk at the theory seminar on ‘Loop space methods in string theory’. After the talk I will have to hurry to Düsseldorf airport in order to get my plane to Karlstad/Sweden, where I’ll attend the conference on Non-commutative geometry and representation theory in mathematical physics, where I’ll also give the above talk. And guess where I have to be next Friday morning again.

I wanted to prepare a handout script for that talk. Unfortunately, while still in Paris I had to learn that my grandmother has deceased. Yesterday was her funeral and obviously my private and academic life are having a hard time sharing the same wetware at the moment.

Nevertheless I managed to get some things done.

First of all, talking to Christiaan Hofman in Paris inspired me to write up a paper on nonabelian 2-form connections on loop space, a draft of which is available here.

Then I made some last additions to the stuff I have been working on with Eric Forgy. Finally our notes are now available on the preprint server as math-ph/0407005 (available tomorrow morning).

This is all very timely, because these references make up important mosaic pieces in the big picture that I want to draw in my talk and which I have tried to describe in my (as yet not completely finished) talk notes Loop space methods in string theory.

If anyone feels sufficiently pitied by beginning of this entry he or she is welcome to consider doing me a favor by reading these notes and giving me some critical feedback.

Posted at July 4, 2004 4:14 PM UTC

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