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Using instiki.desktop to autostart at login

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handy 9 posts

I looked at the wiki page on autostarting instiki at login & it is somewhat out of date.

So I thought I’d see if I could kludge my way to an autostart by using a ~/.config/autostart/instiki.desktop file.

& it works fine. So it should be a simple autostart method for all Linux distros (I just run instiki on my local machine for personal use).

I’m sure that the following instiki.desktop file that I created could be improved & made more correct. But it works great as it is & instiki uses next to no resources when run in the background, which makes me happy.

So hopefully the following is useful to someone (be sure to change the path to that of where you have instiki installed on your system): ________________________________________

[Desktop Entry] Name=instiki GenericName=Wiki software Comment=Contains indexed information Path=/home/handy/instiki Exec=ruby ./instiki –daemon Type=Application StartupNotify=true Categories=Network;WebBrowser;Wiki ____________________________________

handy 9 posts

The formatting is messed up,


should be on its own line (I obviously haven’t yet learned markdown).

distler Moderator 123 posts

Definitely should update those instructions for systemd, which seems to have replaced init in most Linux distros.

handy 9 posts

@distler I’m actually using the OpenRC init system, so the changes to most (would have to be close to 100% of) distros go beyond just those (the vast majority) that use systemd.

Again my apologies to readers for the mess that my instiki.desktop file presents as in the OP. You should be able to work out what it looks like by looking at a .desktop file in your own ~/.config/autostart/

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