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I deployed the tex2svg server on Heroku as per the instruction given here by creating a separate app. What exactly do I now need to put in the config/environments/production.rb file? When I gave the path to the tex2svg Heroku app with port number 9292, it timed out during testing. How do I start the tex2svg server on Heroku? Please guide.

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If you’re using the “free” level of service at Heroku, then timeouts can be a problem. It takes a while for Heroku to spin up a Dyno. Just try editing the page again. Once tex2svg is up and running, it should respond very quickly.

As to setup, there are many ways to do it. The simplest is simply to have two Heroku apps that talk to each other over http(s). So, e.g., in Instiki’s config/environments/production.rb, you could have

ENV['tikz_server'] = ''

This configuration can suffer from the timeout issue just mentioned.

Better would be to have them both running in the same Heroku instance. But that’s a Heroku question, not an Instiki question and you’ll get better advice on one of the Heroku forums.

bcs 11 posts

Thanks a lot! This works for now. I will ask in Heroku forums in case the timeouts grow inconvenient.

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