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tws01 2 posts

As far as I can see, an export of a S5 slideshow with all the scripts is not implemented with the current version of instiki. I believe this would be a great feature if one could export a slide show which was prepared within instiki onto a memory stick (with all the scripts, css and embedded graphs at the right place) and use the presentation “offline” on a system without a ruby/rails/instiki installation.

Is there some work around to achieve this?


distler Moderator 123 posts

It’s not so clear to me what the best approach is.

The number of CSS and Javascript files (MathJax, in particular, is huge) required to support a single S5 slideshow is very large.

It would be possible, but very inefficient, to produce a Zip file, with all of that junk, for every slideshow you decided to export.

In some ways, you’d be better off putting an entire Instiki installation on a USB stick (assuming that the host computer has Ruby).

A hybrid approach would be to export a static file of the S5 slideshow, with the URLs rewritten to point to the files in an Instiki installation.

Gotta think some more …

tws01 2 posts

Thanks for thinking some more! :-)

I wonder why the number of files is so large. If you look at the “nanoc-slidy” solution the number of files does not look too big. BTW some of the features of JessyInk (inkscape) - the option of inserting “whiteboards” during the talk and draw on the slides would certainly be another great feature. Although I know how much work that means, a tool which supports in collecting information for lectures, at the same time allows for preparing the slides and at the end you get an output which you can use on any computer with a browser (or a portable firefox). And this program supports drawing on the slides … I am dreaming - but Instiki has great potential!



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