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.png files displaying only intermittently

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natebottman 5 posts

I have been experiencing a weird bug, I wonder if someone knows a fix? On my personal (locally-stored) instiki, I have a bunch of .png files (not huge, all less than 1MB), displayed on various pages. Occasionally I will navigate to a page and instead of displaying the images, it will show me the prompt that shows up when you include an image that has not yet been uploaded – something like nice-pic.png? , in gray. When I click the “?”, it does one of two things: either it initiates a download of the .png file, or it shows me the image in my browser (but on a blank page, with nothing besides the image). In one case this bug resolved itself – after reloading a few times the images showed up again. In another case that didn’t work, and I had to remove the instances of “[[nice-pic.png:pic]]” from my source, submit it, then add the instances back in, and submit one more time.

Any ideas??? Not a big deal, but kinda annoying.

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