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Is there a server-side file-cache for internal files?

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tanzer 36 posts

Hi I’m using Instiki with Passenger, on a hosted account.

In config/database.yml, I had the incorrect credentials set, let’s say that I had the username coded as abc.

When I go to the Instiki home page, I get the Smoke error. Checking in log/production.log, I see the error message about the wrong credentials abc.

Then I go to fix database.yml, to change the username to xyz.

However, I get the same Smoke error, and the log file still complains about username abc.

Then I go out for a long walk, and when I come back, it fails with a message about xyz.

Do you know of any components (Passenger?) that would be caching up the contents of the database.yml file, and then expiring the cache after some time?

tanzer 36 posts

Answer to my question: there is an application caching mechanism in place.

Touching tmp/restart.txt forces it to restart.

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