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instiki_session cookie overflows after some editing

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peter_ljung 2 posts

The instiki_session cookie seems to increase when I edit my Instiki site.

After a while I reach the 4kB limit and instiki returns an:

Status: 500 Internal Server Error

My web server ( is setup as follows:

  • OpenBSD 5.6
  • ruby 2.0.0p481
  • passenger-4.0.44
  • mysql-server-5.1.7
  • Instiki 1.9.7

When I clear the cookie it start working again for a while until it reached 4k limit agina.

Any suggestions of what could be wrong?

distler Moderator 123 posts

Try using the latest Development Version. (Grab it either from my BZR Repository, from Github or as a tarball.) There are some changes that should fix the problem.

Someday, I’ll get around to releasing 0.19.8 ….

peter_ljung 2 posts

Thanks for your reply !

I made a quick test with the latest source from git. I only replaced the /app folder of my current wiki, but I seem to have some kind of problem.

I got an error (directly in the browser)

ActionView::TemplateError (wrong number of arguments (6 for 3..5)) on line #21 of app/views/wiki/page.rhtml:
19: <div class="byline">
20: <%= @page.revisions? ? "Revised" : "Created" %> on <%= format_date(@page.revised_at) %> 
21: by <%= author_link(@page) %>
22: <%= "(#{})" if %>
23: <% if @web.count_pages? %>
24: <% total_chars = @page.content.length %>

lib/url_generator.rb:13:in `make_link'
app/helpers/application_helper.rb:53:in `author_link'
app/views/wiki/page.rhtml:21:in `_run_rhtml_app47views47wiki47page46rhtml'
app/controllers/wiki_controller.rb:368:in `show'
/usr/local/lib/phusion-passenger20/lib/phusion_passenger/rack/thread_handler_extension.rb:74:in `process_request'
/usr/local/lib/phusion-passenger20/lib/phusion_passenger/request_handler/thread_handler.rb:141:in `accept_and_process_next_request'
/usr/local/lib/phusion-passenger20/lib/phusion_passenger/request_handler/thread_handler.rb:109:in `main_loop'
/usr/local/lib/phusion-passenger20/lib/phusion_passenger/request_handler.rb:448:in `block (3 levels) in start_threads'

I think I will wait for the 19.8 release on this one. This is not a huge problem.

distler Moderator 123 posts

I only replaced the /app folder of my current wiki…

Well, since the changeset that I linked to above also involves changes to vendor/plugins/form_spam_protection/lib/form_tag_helper_extensions.rb , just updating files in /app/* won’t actually work.

Moreover, updating all of the files in /app to the latest version(s) drags in other changes. The particular error that you are seeing is due to this changeset, which introduces a nice feature for wikilinks, but required some changes in /lib as well.

I think I will wait for the 19.8 release on this one. This is not a huge problem.

Currently I am awaiting the release of Passenger 5.0.7, to see whether it resolves some issues with Instiki, or whether changes on the Instiki end are also required. If all goes according to plan, I’ll roll another release sometime in the early summer.

For whatever it’s worth, though, this site runs on the latest development version of Instiki (with Passenger 4.0.59) and is perfectly stable.

If you’re having issues with Instiki 0.19.7, I’d recommend updating now.

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