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Francesco Ta... 6 posts

Hi all, there are several pages on the site that need attention:

  • both links in the export page are not working, HTML with “Internal Error An application error occurred while processing your request.” and “No webpage was found for the web address:” for Markup

  • the three sandboxes links ( and give an internal error

  • the following page is nonsense/spam

  • the homepage is spammed too: (rev 240)

  • the News in homepage ( are not up to date

distler Moderator 123 posts

The website is a hopeless mess, on many levels. Alas, I don’t control it, so I can’t do much about it (except to send the occasional plaintive email message to Matthias, which he ignores).

Instead, point your browser at my website, which contains both up-to-date information and (as best as I am able to assure) is spam-free.

Francesco Ta... 6 posts

Ok, I’ve stumbled upon it while I was looking for informations about textile, but let me open another post, it’s a completely different topic.

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