Can I view the source text for other people's posts?

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tanzer 36 posts

Hi, is there a way to see a read-only view of source text of other people’s posts, just as it appears when one edits one’s own post? It’s useful for getting ideas from other people, with respect to formulas and formatting.


David Tanzer

Azimuth Project

distler 123 posts

That might be a worthwhile feature to add.

But, as an Instiki user, you are probably well-familiar with the syntax. Heterotic Beast uses Maruku as its Markdown processor and itex2MML to process equations. It even has the same WYSIWYG SVG editor that Instiki uses. So, except for a few bits of Wiki syntax ([[...]] for wikilinks, [!include ...] to include other wiki pages, etc), it should work exactly the same as what you’re used to.

weilina 1 post

Instead of simulating the edit function where content is shown in place, I would preferably show this in a popup. That way users couldn’t mix up the functionality and get confused. You can also add some information like the Format to the popup.