Geometry and String Theory
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This is the homepage for the UT Geometry and String Theory Seminar. At the organizational meeting we will flesh out the details of our plans for the semester. Below are some suggestions to get us started.

Fall 2014 Schedule

8/27Organizational Meeting
9/3Eric Zaslow TBA Legendrian Knots and Constructible Sheaves
9/10Andy TrimmAharony-Seiberg-Tachikawa
9/17Andy NeitzkeDessins and Seiberg-Witten curves
9/24Andy Roystonsingular monopole moduli spaces
10/1Aaron Fenyessemiclassical quantization of classical field theory
10/8Eric KormanBranes and Quantization (Gukov-Witten)
10/15Tom MainieroResurgence
10/22Jacques Distler(1,0) theories in 6 dimensions
11/5Chan ParkTBA


The (2,0) theory reduced to 3 dimensions

4D đť’©=2\mathcal{N}=2

Extended operators in topological field theory

Generalities on field theory

Resurgence, TQFTs

(1,0)(1,0) SCFTs in 6 Dimensions

Costello-style QFT


Old classics

  • E. Witten, Supersymmetry and Morse theory

  • Mirzakhani on Witten conjecture